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Withdrawal Request Cancellation Bonus

Bonus in online casinos take on many forms. There are some which are very unexpected but of course, totally welcomed. One such bonus is the withdrawal request cancellation bonus. This bonus can have various names across different online casinos. However, the main function of such does not change which is that the bonus is given whenever you cancel requests for withdrawal.
Withdrawal happens when you want to cash out your balance in the online casino into your payment provider account. This is done through a withdrawal request from the cashier section of the casino. In usual banking options, the withdrawal process can take up some time before the funds are completely transferred. As a matter of fact, some withdrawals take up almost 24 to 48 hours of processing. Most casinos stipulate that while the process mentioned is taking place, you cannot use your casino balance to wager on any of the available games. However, it is possible that while the withdrawal is under way, you can request it to be canceled. You can then use your casino balance again for wagering and the original withdrawal request is nullified. Such a method is called a reverse withdrawal.

Reverse withdrawals come into play when you feel like you made a mistake in the amount you wish to withdraw. For example, if you receive a big payout, you can alternate on whether you want to cash them all out or treat yourself some extra wagers. If you initially tried to withdraw your entire payout but have second thoughts against this idea, then you can cancel your request. For online casinos, it is logical that they would not want you to withdraw your balance because you would get tempted to use these to wager more in their games. Since all casino games are known to have the house advantage, it is clear that they gain profit whenever you place wagers. This is why reverse withdrawals are completely beneficial to online casinos so they offer some bonuses to such a request. Usually, reverse withdrawal bonuses are given as percentages of the original amount that you wish to cash out. To illustrate, imagine that this percentage is 50%. If you request to withdraw $100 and cancels such a request, then your balance is increased by $150 instead of the expected $100.

One specific bonus of such nature is The Winner's Bonus offered in some online casinos. In this bonus, the percentage given out is 40% of the withdrawal amount. It is a play bonus. Thus, you cannot cash out the bonus payout given to you. Instead, only the original amount and the winnings you obtained from the bonus payout can withdrawn out of the casino. Moreover, the wagering requirements of this bonus is twenty times its amount. You can play this on games such as blackjack, multi hand poker and video poker. However, the winnings you got from this bonus are going to be nullified if you play this bonus on games such as craps, roulette, baccarat and pai gow poker.     

Although it is always encouraged to avail most bonuses given by casinos, doing such on the reverse withdrawals is not advisable. Instead, you should only avail this bonus when you really made a mistake in the withdrawal process and wish to cancel your request.

Industry Suffering because of Illegal Pokie Machines

No one may have thought up of it before, but gaming is an international language. That’s why we have international poker tournaments. That’s why we’ve got competitive betting from all parts of the globe, thanks to the power of the internet. And, perhaps more tellingly, even pokies and casinos based in foreign lands are also experiencing the same problem as our local pokie industry here. One of the most recent examples is that of Puerto Rico.

It’s no secret that most of Puerto Rico’s annual revenues come from tourism. What is less publicized, though, is the fact that these tourist revenues also come from a rather robust pokies industry, which has been in regulation ever almost seventy years ago.

Eric Rodriguez, the Vice-President of Empresas Santana—one of the country’s foremost entertainment destinations—said that the rise of illegal pokie machines in the country has really cut deep into what they usually earn many years ago. In an interview meant that is clearly meant for the international audience to see what they are truly dealing with, he said that two-thousand and eight-hundred people working in the casino and hospitality industry had already lost their jobs because of this problem.  His latest plea was brought about by the imminent closing of another decades-old casino, the El Conquistador Resort & Golden Door Spa located in Fajardo, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

“The people of Puerto Rico lose more than $170 million annually, according to a study commissioned by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company on the illegal machines, and this is not a problem for the tourism industry, it’s a general problem that affects us all”, Rodriguez said. He also added that this “problem has become so extreme that nowadays you can go to buy bread and play on a machine like you’re in a casino… This is against the law and against the casinos that have been regulated since 1948 when the Gaming Law was created.”

His claims are no mere exaggerations; the gross revenues from casinos are split between the pokie operator and the government. The latter, on the other hand, distributes the money accordingly to the state university fund, the Tourism Industry and its accompanying Development Fund, and the Department of Treasury. http://www.onlinepokiesaustralia.com.au

The only thing that can stop this problem, Rodriguez hopes, is through the signing of an interagency treaty that would call for three branches of the government—the Treasury, the Finance, and the Justice Departments—to prosecute the illegal pokie operators and to confiscate their machines consequently. However, he still remains cautious, and rightfully so, about the government’s strategy. He said that if the looming pokies crisis will continue unabated, “casinos can not continue to assume the economic shocks represented by more than 100,000 illegal slot machines around the island.”