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19 Nov 13 in Blog
Men Are Shopping Online Too

Men Are Shopping Online Too

It is time to go check out Google Trends. You would be able to see that there are a lot of searches now for pocket squares. This is because men are now conscious about how they look and the kind of clothes that they wear. All thanks to the internet because of the really strong presence of ads and content that make men feel and think about how they are actually doing when it comes to fashion .

Years back, not a lot of men really enjoyed shopping online . In fact, you don’t see men shopping online or anywhere for that matter. That’s because they were not familiar with it and shopping is really not their thing.  But those who are into online retail can now say that the trends have changed and m...

With the Rise of Online Retail Industry, Are Commercial Properties Still Worth the Investment?

With the Rise of Online Retail Industry, Are Commercial Properties Still Worth the Investment?

Business owners often weigh in the pros and cons of online shops and physical retail stores. Consumers dig the convenience of online shopping; they do not have to leave the comforts of their beds in order to purchase something. So on the side of the entrepreneurs, this question is often asked: “… is establishing a retail store still considered good investment?” We ask Markham Corporation on whether investing on a commercial property still make the cut.

In terms of real estate properties, maintaining a retail store would subject a business to property taxes and lease contracts. Whether the property is purchased or rented out, the government requires annual fees that must be paid on time. Everybody...

05 Oct 12 in Concept
Online Merchants Continue To Seek Good Features To Enhance Their Ecommerce Website

Online Merchants Continue To Seek Good Features To Enhance Their Ecommerce Website

For online businesses that have successful ecommerce websites, the process of maximizing conversions with an efficient design should be a never ending process. In fact, conversions should always be tested regularly as you could be leaving potential profits on the table.

It is for this reason that some of the biggest names in ecommerce spend millions of dollars a year so they can improve their bottom line. If you are not already implementing the following features then it is definitely time that you did.
Improve uptime and speed

All ecommerce stores should always aim for an uptime of 99.99% as customers will simply not tolerate a website that is always down when they want to shop. For this, you ...

The 6 Best Cycling Clothing Brands

The 6 Best Cycling Clothing Brands

When you are shopping for cycling clothing, you need to do your homework so you can find the best shorts and jerseys on the market today. Clothing manufacturers in the cycling industry design their pieces wisely. They need to use the best materials that will allow air flow. They also need offer the best cuts so the shorts are fitting and the jerseys are aerodynamic. If you do not know the first thing about shopping for cycling clothing, learn which brands to focus on. Here are some of the most popular cycling brands offering quality clothing that you can wear when practicing or racing:


Assos offers everything from jackets and winter booties to bib shorts and jerseys. All of the apparel m...

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Small retail store owners are hesitant to migrate their business online because it’s hard to succeed or it’s difficult to run an online store or any other reason that one can think of. In all my years in online retail, I can safely conclude that running an online retail store is just as difficult and challenging as running a brick and mortar retail store. Read more...

Web Showcase - How to Succeed in Online Retail

I have never written a how-to article in my online retail journey. However, I found that it’s about time that I write something that can help people get started in the world of retail, and what better way than to teach them how to succeed. Read more....

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